Heavy (by Collective Sole) 
"Complicate this world you wrapped for me.
I'm acquainted with your suffering. 
And all your weight -It falls on me. 
It brings me down.
And all your weight - It falls on me - It falls on me. 
Hold me up to all whom you've deceived. 
Promises you break you still believe".

Wonder what their hook was for the song. Maybe heavy emotions put on them by someone else.  Something religious perhaps.  Whatever the their meaning, it reveals emotional stress.

It is a complicated world. Don’t let it bring you down. The emotional stress imposed on us by others can be overbearing.

I find comfort and relief by mentally breaking things down to their simplest component.  Analyze people and their actions. When I understand ‘why’ it helps shed the weight. Then praying for guidance.

We all have a purpose in life, with the weight lifted, we can focus on our purpose.